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It's an amazing and comfortable cottage! Let us feel like we're living in a fairy tale, waking in a secret and lovely place. Thank you. K & Lauren, Melbourne, 26 Aug 2017

Wow! What an amazing cottage! Thank you for letting us stay in the truly magical cottage! It's beautifully kept and was a magnificent getaway! Thank you! Molly & Sam, Victoria, 22 August 2017

Wow! What an incredibly thoughtful cottage. Absolutely loved every moment of our child-free night away. Already planning our next visit. All our thanks. Chris & Jaydah, Melbourne, 28 July 2017

We enjoyed every moment in this wonderful cottage. Absolutely love this place! We've come here to celebrate 3 years of our friendship. Hope we will be best friends forever. Winson & Hobby, Melbourne, 6 July 2017

What a magical cottage, ambience and space you have created! From the enchanting path leading up to the cottage, to arriving and opening the front door we 'oooed' and 'aaahed' with delight. A perfect complement accommodation with the Dine & Spa experience at the Hot Springs! Leaving refreshed, loved and fulfilled from a magical weekend! With gratitude! Nicole & Chris, Melbourne, 1 July 2017

An amazing place to stay and celebrate 15 years of marriage. The place was all I thought it would be and more. A great surprise for my husband. Thank you. Michelle & Craig, Victoria, 24 June 2017

Wow!! This place is absolutely awesome. Beautiful night's accommodation and a real romantic getaway. Dinner was at '10 minutes by Tractor'. Now let's tuck into breakfast. Over and out. Jason & Laurie, Melbourne, 17 June 2017

Had an absolutely amazing stay. Such a perfect little escape for 2. We will be coming back. We both loved every second here and cannot wait to do another little adventure. Thank you so much for such an amazing stay!! Michael & Rachel, Melbourne, 7 June 2017

Such an amazing setup. The gardens were awesome and the fact there was a campfire was even better. Wish we could take the robes home with us! We had a great stay, thank you. Bonnie & Sammy, Victoria, 4 June 2017

Thank you! Every detail is perfect. We had a very relaxing night. Very warm and cosy... Cass & Sam, Melbourne, 1 June 2017

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay at your beautiful cottage. It's our 10 year anniversary and it's been our first night away together since having our second child 16 months ago. Hoping to be back for my 27th birthday next month. Absolutely stunning place! Thanks again. You're amazing. Jacqueline & Mike, Victoria, 24 May 2017

Thank you for providing such a warm and welcoming sanctuary. We loved the space and decor, transporting us to provincial France. Perfect after a day at Peninsula Hot Springs. Merci. The Prescotts, Warrandyte, 21 May 2017

What a lovely cottage. We've had a wonderfully relaxing Easter break getaway. Thank you for sharing Silverleaf. Hannah & Daniel, Melbourne, 16 April 2017

Thank you so much Silverleaf, we had a lovely night staying here. Everything was warm, inviting and clean. We loved spending our first weekend as a married couple at this beautiful place! Tom & Luci, North West Melbourne, 2 April 2017

We had a delightful time in this charming cottage - thank you. C'est magnifique! Kate & Tony, Victoria, 19 Mar 2017

We've come here to celebrate our wedding and have our honeymoon. As soon as we drove in we felt such a lovely feel about this place and when we walked into the house we were like 'wow'...'OMG!' We've appreciated every detail. Thank you so much! Julie & Kathryn xoxo, Melbourne, 27 Mar 2017

Enjoyed every last second in this romantic getaway! Thank you so much for setting the mood to a beautiful weekend away. We can't wait to come back. Abbey & Nick xx, Vic, 26 Feb 2017

Best Valentine's Day ever. Peace and mystery extra and the beautiful decor got me soooo much! Neal & S xoxo, Melbourne, 14 Feb 2017

Got to the gate and thought 'beautiful', opened the door and 'wow, wow, wow!' - Took our breath away. Stunning! The decor fantastic. What a treat! Thank you, thank you for sharing. Keep up the wonderful work. A fabulous visit to this area of Victoria. Liz & Lorraine, Melbourne, 11 Feb 2017

Silverleaf is a work of art, we had a great time here, everything was so easy and the hot springs were a next-level relaxation journey. Thanks for doing what you do! Jess & Lyndon, Victoria, 13 Feb 2017

The most romantic place we have visited in Victoria. What an amazing place. Thank you. Natasha & Adrian, Melbourne, 21 Jan 2017

Such an enchanted and romantic cottage. Loved every detail from inside to outside. Thank you for a wonderful stay. Y & J xx, 16 Jan 2017

Thanks for a wonderful stay, what a lovely spot. She said YES! Thomas & Lana, Melbourne, 7 Jan 2017

This really is an enchanted cottage! We loved our stay here - thank you so much for sharing this place! Kristina & Alex, Vic, 4 Jan 2017

Thank you. An amazing way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in such a beautiful setting. We will need to go to Paris on our 30th anniversary to top our experience of the sweet little cottage on top of the hill, Silverleaf. Special memories we will always treasure. Jason & Robyn-Ann, Melbourne, 14 September 2016

What exquisite taste you have! I was charmed by this gorgeous cottage as soon as we started walking up the path. Thank you for all your thoughtfulness that has gone into providing such a beautiful place for us romantics to rest in as we meander. Rose & John, Victoria, 11 September 2016

Thank you for providing us with beautiful accommodation for our romantic weekend away. We are leaving today feeling very loved up and relaxed. Can't wait to return! Stephen & Meg, Melbourne, 25 July 2016

This is an absolutely beautiful place. My husband has picked the perfect place for our anniversary! Thank you so much. 'Surprised wife' Erika & Himal, Victoria, 28 Jun 2016

On one of the coldest nights of the year Silverleaf Cottage was cosy and warm and romantic. The attention to detail was superb and every whim was catered for. We awoke to bird calls and sunshine through our window and feel as if we can return to the hustle and bustle with a song in our hearts! The dappled light through the window was divine...loved the garden ... Terrance & Peachy, Bondi Junction, 26 June 2016

Thank you! Our weekend has been idyllic. Jen & Dave, Melbourne, 6 June 2016

...What well thought out decor it is. We had a wonderfully peaceful stay, and will have a magic time at 'the baths'. Merci beaucoup for this serene and romantic place. Connie & Bob, Victoria, 25 May 2016

Our two year anniversary. Absolutely beautiful/romantic accommodation. Will definitely highly recommend. We look forward to revisiting in the near future! Steph & Renae, Victoria, 14 May 2016

I was so surprised when my husband pulled up out the front. Every aspect and detail is perfect! We had a very relaxed night and will be back. Thank you for the inspiration. Cazz & Troy, Melbourne, 16 Apr 2016

Thank you for an amazing night!! It is our 22nd wedding anniversary and this place is magical, something out of a picture storybook. Nadia & Mitch, Melbourne, 27 Feb 2016

We had a lovely stay, thank you for helping last minute. Love the place, everything was perfect! xo Kerryn & Chris, Melbourne, 13 Feb 2016

What a beautiful cottage. It is fantastic! Love the decor. Thank you for your suggestions around the area. It's been a wonderful stay. Menio & Alice, Victoria, 11 Feb 2016

Thanks for the lovely and romantic place, really enjoyed it as it was our first wedding anniversary. 'Loved the place, loved the atmosphere, definitely be back! Amnish & Mani, Geelong, 9 Feb 2016

Very impressive front yard and entrance, enjoyed the stay here and look forward to coming back soon. Wenchao & Jessie, Victoria, 7 Feb 2016

Thank you for giving us the perfect place to stay for the night. The cottage is beautiful and we can't wait to come back some day soon. Keep doing what you're doing here, for many more couples to enjoy. Jason & Jenny, Melbourne, 3 Feb 2016

What an amazing cottage you have going here. We were left speechless as soon as we entered the door. Beautiful decor and the whole atmosphere was magical...'will definitely come back. John & Mary, Victoria, 1 Jan 2016

Such an amazing place to escape to! The bed was so comfy and this place is amazing, love the whole theme to the place. We'll definitely come back again. Cat & James, Sydney, 29 Dec 2015

We didn't expect to live in such a beautiful place. The lovely garden also left us a deep impression. We spent a wonderful night here. We will be back if we have the chance. A couple from China, 22 Dec 2015

A very special night away. We had a wonderful stay. the bed was so comfy too. Thank you. Lee & David, Riddells Creek, 7 Nov 2015

Perfect weekend getaway!!! Incredible decor, looks really, really cute! Could spend a year in here... Aleksander & Nawal, 20 Oct 2015

I brought my lovely man to Silverleaf for a surprise 40th getaway. So romantic and special! Thank you for providing such a tranquil setting. Unfortunately our visit was only an overnight stay but we both want to come back! Loved it! Nadiene & Chris, 10 May 2015

Valentine's Day 2015 - What can I say, you have truly captured 'Romance'. You set the scene for a very special Valentine's Day weekend. Brian and I have been married for 15 years and have travelled to far away places but never realised we only needed to go a short distance from home to feel like we are 'a world away.' We feel very blessed we had the opportunity to stay in your 'Silverleaf Cottage.' Carole & Brian G., Melbourne, 14 February 2015

A beautiful getaway set amidst a quiet and peaceful property. Thank you, the cottage is divine! Sadly for one night only, hope to be back again soon! Guy & Jane, Melbourne,2015

Thank you for a lovely two night stay away from the maddening crowd. Very relaxing - with everything we needed and close to all we wanted to do. Christine & Mark, Diamond Creek Victoria, 2015

...This was the setting to get away from the city of noise, and enjoy the music of love. PERFECT! Jelena, Melbourne, 2015

Thank you for creating a beautiful escape! A fantastic relaxing weekend! Dan & Nichole, Melbourne, 2015

Best things, privacy, romantic, beautiful, close to beach and hot springs, designed for lovers. Great bed and shower. Really cute! Michael, Melbourne, 2015

Thank you so very much for a beautiful night away... Silverleaf Cottage is beautiful. Amy & Rod, Victoria, 2015

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